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Utensils by Gabriela’s Kitchen:

The one thing we could not cook without is our cast iron pan.  Get one.  Get three.  We have a small, medium and large, plus a cast iron comal.  These constitute more than half of our our cooking pans (in addition we have a single regular non-stick pan and two large pots).

The biggest advantage to the cast iron is that it heats evenly and therefore has a much larger cooking surface than a regular pan kitchenaid food processor accessories storage case.  (It also saves flavor and cooks iron into your food).  A good thick copper-bottom pan is just fine.

If you do not have access to either, a regular pan will work for most recipes.  But we highly recommend you visit a thrift store near you and invest the 8 bucks in a sturdy cast iron.

Beyond the cast iron, everything else we have in our kitchen is fairly standard.


I wouldn’t exactly call it a griddle- it’s round instead of square and I could use it to cook pancakes but I usually don’t.  In my grandmother’s kitchen the cast-iron comal consecrated two dozen tortillas a day. In my kitchen it merely re-heats store-bought tortillas and blesses fresh tortilla dough only when Alex has the time to make it.

This piece of cast-iron cookware has a very special place in my kitchen (heart)- it never leaves its pedestal always atop its burner on my stove.

This piece of cookware will be an heirloom for generations if you care for it properly. Wash with hot water and scrub with salt if needed. Never use soap! Dry well immediately! Rub the cookware with lard and place in a 250 degree oven power pressure cooker for 15 minutes, pour out any excess grease and place in the oven for 2 more hours. *Tip: Do not use vegetable oil as it will result in a sticky and unseasoned pan.

Wooden Spoon:

It won’t melt or leach in to your food like plastic. I prefer them to metal because they don’t transfer heat and will not scratch cookware. Do not leave them soaking in water and be aware that they pick up strong flavors, such as garlic. If you really want to take care of your wooden spoons moisturize them with mineral oil (I don’t).

Citrus Reamer:

Limes are an essential part of Mexican and Latin cuisine, used as marinades, dressings and garnish in a variety of dishes single serve k cup coffee maker. Although it’s not an absolutely necessary kitchen tool, it’ll make  putting together a beet and mango salad, flavoring some ice water or a chicken marinade so much easier, plus it’ll stretch your limes.